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Brenda Spitz


Brenda Spitz

While I have always had an  artistic side, I didn't begin painting until 2006. Before then,  I was a Visual Display Artist for Marshall Fields, and a and Designer  for a high-end Chicago based furniture company.  While on a special project  for the "Wildest Dream" show, on a major TV talk show  , I connected with an artist, who reccommended I take a class at Tree Studios in Chicago.

    I paint in a modern , Impressionistic style often with an organic color drenched palette.  I see the color, lay it down , then sketch with a fine tip brush.  I prefer large free brushstrokes...

    It really took a lot of confidence to change my career path, and I hope to teach and encourage others to take  a risk and try something new, because you never know where it may lead you...

    Her desire was to create art, to paint. During a project for Oprah’s Wildest Dream series where Spitz collaborated with Berkus, she met a fellow artist who encouraged her to take a painting class. Spitz took a chance and enrolled in an art class that changed her life.

    She discovered a natural gift for painting. Artists Tony Rothon and Sarah Nutley at Tree Art Studios in Chicago taught the class. Spitz was hooked and her new journey began.

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